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Mandala Drawing Meditation
The Art Of Process Technique
~ Developed By Stephanie June Ellis ~
The art of storytelling and letting go through the
~ Mind, Heart and Hand ~



Montville QLD Weekend Retreat 

~ Details ~

Mt Batukaru BALI ~ 19th ~ 26th April 2025

~ Details ~

A mindful practice for self expression

Invest a moment in time and allow your mind the freedom

to express, with no judgment in a safe supportive environment.

This is a theory and practical based workshop.

Inspired by Carl Jung's teachings we will explore 

The Mandala in a traditional, contemporary and contemplative sense, whilst exploring cross culture foundations for psychological and spiritual health. 

Students will learn how to draw and understand the inherent symbolism and symmetries of Mandalas around the worldunder the gentle guidance of Artist and Colour Therapist Stephanie June Ellis, founder of

The Art Of Process School and Author of Geometherapy.





Trish Ware

August 12, 2017

"Whoa! What a great experience! So happy I joined in today - It was such a Zen feeling as I let my pencil find the lines "I" wanted to follow - the inner me in a state of total CHILL.......
Going into it with an intention or issue or dedication and to be actively coming back to that source really made you 'listen' to what your BEING feels on the matter - so therapeutic, so very meditative, I feel numb with peace and calm. Thank you Stephanie, what a great offering."

Tim Atkinson

August 11, 2017

"Wow, what a blast!

The time shared with Stephanie as she guided us through the process of creating a mandala was amazing. 

I was absolutely absorbed in what I was doing and would whole heartedly suggest these workshops to anyone wanting a hands on approach to self discovery and a meditative release.

I will be back for more "

Jaenelle Kinglsey

October 21, 2016

Today I began the process of creating my very own mandala!
So meditative! And I noticed when I just let go, everything flowed... Just trusting in the unfolding process, and then stepping back and seeing before my eyes how my deeper knowing was guiding me the whole time... It was really my job to just sit into trusting, and from this deeper resonance, being guided from deeply within

Emily Joy

October 07, 2016

Stephanie is an incredible teacher. Totally accomplished as an artist; she has a rare and unique ability to "do & teach". Her classes are relaxed, inspired and rejuvenating. I highly recommend working with Steph; you will improve your craft and soothe your soul.

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Art making for the purpose of transcendence, mindfulness, and wellness.

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Traditionally, the mandala is used as a meditation tool to search for the meaning of self.

This often requires a study of this diagram which we may call the "personality"

- the part of ourselves which bares witness to our vast invisible potential.

Creating your own personal mandala is therapeutic, symbolic & a beautiful refelction of ones own soul.

Present emotions will be represented in your mandala through the use of organically formed shapes & colour.

By allowing your instinct and feelings to inspire & guide you through the process of creation,

a portrait of yourself will emerge. 

When you reach your destination, you will have a representation of something meaningful and personal

that you can take home with you -


​a snapshot of you - a brief moment in time expressed through your unique personal mandala

. . .

"Meditation is spontaneous and therefore it requires spontaneity and not a regimented mind.

Spontaneity comes into being when there is awareness, awareness in which there is no condemnation, no judgment and no identification. If you go deeper and deeper and let it flow freely it becomes meditation, in which the thinker is the thought and there is no division between the thinker and the thought. ~ Krishnamurti



Learn how to draw a spiral torus mandala foundation using 24


Stephanie with student creations from the 

Mandalas From East & West Spain Retreat July 2022

A collaboration with Flores Del Camino

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