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~ Founder ~

Stephanie June Ellis is a skilled Teacher, Artist and leading specialist in Sacred Geometry.

Through her workshops and retreats she engages with worldwide communities offering the art and therapeutic nature of patterns with a focus on Cultural Heritage, Sustainability and Conservation.

Stephanie developed The Art Of Process Mandala Technique, published two books and has over 14 years experience teaching and researching patterns. 


Her Workshops, Retreats and Online Classes are suitable for the novice to experienced Geometer, Teachers, Artists and Hobbyists. 

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~ Ethos ~

Finding The Still Point 


The Art Of Storytelling Through the Hand ~ Heart ~ Mind 


The Art Of Process embodies the belief that patterns offer a unique portal into understanding our imperishable relationship with nature, the cosmos, human creativity and potential. We have an intrinsic understanding and affiliation to symmetry and pattern. 

Someone once said that the mind is a good servant but a bad master;  Humans are so tied up in our minds we tend to lose our senses. By collaborating with art and nature, we gift our senses the time and space to listen.

~ Content ~


Stephanie offers classes and courses suitable for anyone interested in connection to

Nature, Architecture, Cultural Heritage and Holistic Therapies. 


Classes include




Ornament ~ Biomorphic Movements

Mandala Drawing Meditation 

Cyanotype Blueprinting 


The New

Geometherapy Book
Mastering The Art Of Six
Drawing Geometric Patterns


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