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~ Terms & Conditions ~

Upon purchasing membership plans & individual videos you accept and adhere to these

strict guidelines

Tutorials are created & owned by Stephanie June Ellis, Creator of The Art Of Process.

All workshops are for educational purposes only

In no way are videos, designs & class notes allowed to be used for profit.

Those who have signed up to the loyalty program are able to access all tutorials anytime.

One login per person. DO NOT share your login details with other people.

Make a date and practice together.


Retreat discounts ONLY apply to the Loyalty Member.


Gift vouchers can be re-gifted to a friend or family member.

This is a safe space.

A positive community, sharing a love for pattern related work only.

Sharing files ~ only share art, and links that are related to the course.

Files will be accepted & deleted accordingly.

If you want to buy Individual workshops they are available to playback through this website for one month.

People who buy individual classes are not entitled to extra benefits.

Your privacy is under your own discretion. You have the option to publicly share content with fellow members as you please

Please contact the site owner directly for any workshop related questions

Attention Stephanie

Please respect the site owners boundaries.

Stephanie will reply to emails on a weekly basis.

If you do not follow these Terms & Conditions accordingly you will be blocked from the website.

Strictly no refunds and no cancellations on monthly payment plans.



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