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Learn The Art Of Cyanotype Blueprinting

Upcoming Workshop ~


Originating in the 1840s ~ Cyanotype is a photographic printmaking process

widely known as the term "blueprint"

which was mostly used for large architectural & mechanical drawing reproduction.

Blueprints are created using equal ratios of Potassium ferricyanide and Ferric ammonium citrate (green) and a photographic negative or film positive placed onto a UV (ultraviolet) light-sensitive sheet of paper. Areas, where light does not hit sensitised material, remain white.

In this 6 hour workshop, students will experiment with wet cyanotype and double exposure using photographs, drawing techniques, foraged plants and shadow play.

~ Every student will walk away with unique artworks and a bundle of handmade postcards ~ 

Includes watercolour paper and cyanotype mixture

~ No previous  skills required ~

Please note ~ students will need to send these through x2 photos and a basket of foraged nature

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