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Founder & Mentor

Stephanie June Ellis

“I have always thought & believed art should be offered and accessible to everyone, its not about grades, technique. it's about self expression. Visual art is extremely therapeutic, euphoric and joyful.
I have been experimenting with the concept of Mandalas and how process art offers something that is not too scary; it feels more free and safe.
As soon as a feeling of trust takes over, people respond with powerful unique creations.
A mind is capable of unfolding, reflecting and shedding chatter and art truly offers this unique peaceful space.
Someone once said that the mind is a good servant but a bad master;  Humans are so tied up in our minds we tend to lose our senses. By collaborating with art and nature, we gift our senses the time and space to listen."

"Essentially - the point can’t be explained in words because art is not words - but after a while you will understand the point and that point will be the art itself."



Stephanie June Ellis is an International Artist, Mentor, Author and leading specialist in geometric and biomorphic patterns. Through her workshops and retreats she engages with global communities offering wellness through the creative process with a focus on Sacred Geometry, Tradition and Ritual.


Primarily working with ink on paper, her creative practice and offerings centre around crystalline and botanical patterns which aim to transcend viewers beyond the physical world and encourage a wider vision of awareness and connection.


Stephanie truly believes that geometry contains the power to unify the four dimensions of the mind; ~ Body, emotion, soul and spirit.


She has dedicated her life to exploring primordial patterns and symbols ( the circle, the square, the triangle ) which operate in the psyche of everyday individuals. By exploring these principles, her journey continues, soaking up the very essence of ~ The Art Of Process. 


A nomad at heart, Stephanie has lived in various parts of Australia, Bali, Singapore and London.
She has and continues to travel extensively, working closely with Artisans, Marine Biologists, Ecologists and NGOS focusing on wellbeing and education. Stephanie has worked with a long list of publishers, schools, universities, community organisations and retreat centres across the globe including
 Bali Mountain Retreat Centre, The Brisbane Institute Of Art, Latrobe University,  Dumbo Feather Magazine, The Creative Dimension, Art Of Islamic Pattern and Uk based charity The Common Ground Collective. 

Please email for collaborations.

Mathematics was never my forte in school. Instead, I would dream of art class, intuitively covering my notepad in spirals and circles, creating a disorderly critique on abstract patterns, an accurate representation of how my brain would look to the outside world.  

Annoyingly, nearby, a fellow student sat joyfully with pen in hand, dancing around the paper like a beautifully choreographed ballet performance, effortlessly transitioning from one step to the next. 

My feelings of inadequacy portrayed in my critique were sound symbols of impermanence as I tossed them into the bin at the end of term. Perhaps if someone told me that mathematics held the key to the foundations of the universe, then that may have ignited a little more excitement. So, I began my search. If I couldn’t understand the world in words or numbers? I drew. 


Art became my daily practice, my meditation, my spiritual discipline. It wasn’t until I found my place in the world and learnt to sit quietly within the elements witnessing the potent subtleties nature has on display.

The petals on a flower, the concentric circles emanating from a single raindrop. A green pentagram on top of a tomato and the eight arms radiating from a quick-witted octopus. It seemed that my art always focussed on geometric patterns, and I found immense comfort in drawing lines and circles. The repetitive motion and symmetry put me in a trance which I realised was my attempt at self-healing. 


I started to research the meaning behind circles, and it was within this journey the Sanskrit word ‘mandala’ surfaced. Digging deeper still, I found significance and comfort in the writings of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Jung’s teachings, in particular, showed me that the psyche has the potential to re-organise, self-heal and manifest itself through patterns. I had been drawing geometric patterns intuitively for many years, and little did I know these patterns pre-exist thought, time and place. 


Drawing geometric patterns offer a unique portal into understanding our imperishable relationship with nature, the cosmos, human creativity and potential. We have an intrinsic understanding and affiliation to symmetry and pattern. By opening my mind’s eye to the profound sensitivities of Sacred Art and Architecture around the world, I’ve found peace in search of divine life. 


Stephanie June Ellis


July 10th



Stephanie in her Byron Bay, NSW Studio 2021

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