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Sacred Geometry Foundations 

Teacher Training Course & Development

~ Finding The Still Point ~ 


Patterns In Nature

The Mythological And Symbolic

Architecture & Traditional Arts Around The World 


Developed from over 16 years of research on the road, this training

is developed to guide the full breadth of drawing the foundations of Sacred Geometry,

preparing you as a future practitioner with a comprehensive,

accessible and clear system with ongoing mentorship. 

A theory and practical course open to beginners & experienced geometers.

A theory and practical course open to beginners & experienced geometers. 

Focussing on the swirling oneness of things expressed through archetypal forms.

Stephanie will share her research and ethos around the world exploring

The Circle, The Spiral, The Square, & The Triangle.  


This journey incorporates the transformative effects of Sacred Geometry

into your everyday life and professional practice with no experience necessary. 

Practice, learn and train to develop your skills in a supportive and enriching environment. 



Eight classes ~ 4 hours ~ Total 32 hours 

Recorded and available to playback anytime

~ Includes ~

Two 45 minute online one on one mentorship 

Continuing quarterly group mentorship for one year.

Lecture slides and resources


Live ~ 10:00 ~ 14:00 Uk time

~ Weekends ~

11 12 May 

18 19 May

25 26 May

1 2 June


~ Investment ~

$680 AUD

Payment plans are available on request

Please email me to arrange course payment


Who is this for ?


~ Artists 

~ Hobbyists

~ Architects

~ Musicians

~ Teachers ~ Math ~ Science ~ Art ~ Philosophy ~ Physics ~ Dance

~ Homeschooled children age 10 and up

~ Psychologists



~ Biologists

~ Physicians

Alternative Therapies 

~ Sound Healing 

~ Reiki 

~ Yoga and Meditation Practitioners 

~ SE ( Somatic Experiencing) practitioners


And all those searching for Stillness, Equilibrium and Connection.


~ Why Geometry ? ~ 

Drawing geometry is extremely therapeutic, euphoric and joyful.

The process offers something that is not too scary; it feels free and safe.

The mind can unfold, reflect and shed the chatter.

Someone once said that the mind is a good servant but a bad master;

Humans are so tied up in our minds we tend to lose our senses.

By finding the still point through the compass,

we can gift our senses the time and space

to listen and enjoy The Art Of Process.


~ Your Mentor ~

Stephanie June Ellis is an Artist, Mentor, Author

and leading specialist in geometric and biomorphic patterns.

She has dedicated her life to exploring primordial patterns and symbols 

( the circle, the square, the triangle ) which operate in the psyche of everyday individuals.

Stephanie has taught over 10 000 people worldwide through in-person group classes, retreats

and online learning developing an expansive knowledge in communicating information clearly,

affectively and creatively to the individual and collective. 



Modules explored over four weekends ~ 


Archetypes ~ Primordial forms of the collective unconscious.

A philosophical and practical approach to drawing 

The Circle ~ The Triangle ~ The Square & The Spiral

~ Topics discussed ~

Cymatics (Soundwave acoustic phenomena) 

The Mandala, Yantra, Traditional Craft and Ornament, Temple Structures,

Plant and Marine Life, Celestial Movements and The Human. 

The Platonic Solids ~ Draw and Build The Fundamentals Of Dimension

Theorised upon by Plato, these five geometric constructions

and their combinations contain every fundamental law to material existence. 

Four, Five and Six Fold Symmetry in Nature and Architecture 

Take a trip around the world to draw and discuss the  inherent symmetry and pattern

of Roman Mosaics, Labyrinths, Temples, Moroccan Zellige, Rose Windows, 

and the greatest architecture of all, nature. 

Students will learn the methods of analysing and deconstructing a pattern. 


The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers in Nature, Classical Art and Architecture.

Starting with 0 and 1, the sequence goes 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so forth.
The sequence was first created by mathematicians in India

 before being introduced in the west by Leonardo Of Piska (Fibonacci)
No matter what flower you look at chances are it has 3, 5 , 8, 13 or 21 petals

Rows of seeds in sunflowers, pine-cones always add up to Fibonacci numbers

Students will learn how to draw the Golden Mean Logarithmic Spiral using a variety of methods.

~ Drawing the Golden Spiral using a variety of methods using 

The Rectangle and Triangle and The Diminishing Pentagon.

~ Build a three dimensional Golden Frame

The Mandala used as a contemplative and meditative approach.

The art of storytelling and letting go through the ~ Mind, Heart and Hand ~

Inspired by Carl Jung's teachings, we will explore The Mandala in a traditional

and contemplative sense, whilst exploring cross-cultural foundations

 for psychological and spiritual health.

We will contemplate the nature of our being and cosmos, the core of reality connecting

one to the world and each-other.



All students will receive a certificate upon completion. 

When embodied, practicing and upon request, your details will be added

to the Teacher Portal on The Art Of Process Website. 


Please fill out the following form if you are interested in this course 

and Stephanie will contact you personally by email.

Please note ~ It is required that all students complete 

The Foundations Of Sacred Geometry Online

Introductory Class before commencing this course

(Please note ~ this class is free of charge)

Live ~ Saturday April 20th

10am Uk time

Class is recorded and available for playback anytime




With full gratitude and acknowledgment to my great inspirations. 

The animals, plants, rocks in the world with all their features, forces, and processes

The Architects, Craftsman and Artists around the world for creating places of deep spiritual significance.

The Late Professor Keith Critchlow and Buckminster Fuller for their profound insight

and extensive research into Geometry

The late Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell for their profound insight

of the Archetypal, Mythological and Symbolic.

~ Terms of Respect ~

For ones own personal integrity and growth, let us always aim to contribute something of our own creative inspiration, especially when utilising materials that we’ve obtained

through another's dedicated passion and work. 

Th international Sacred Geometry Drawing community is quite niche.

If each of us moves forward with integrity and respect,

it will ensure the natural growth of relationships, and the continued flow of learning.

~ I look forward to twirling compasses with you soon. ~





Sacred Geometry Foundations Teacher Training & Development

~ Open to Artists and Hobbyists ~
~ Commences in May 2024 ~
Register your Interest

Sacred Geometry Foundations  Teacher Training & Development 




Open to Artists and Hobbyists


~ September 21st ~ 27th 2024 ~


Express your Interest 

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