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~ The San Marco Roundels ~
Online Drawing Course 
A collaboration with Clarissa Grandi & Stephanie June Ellis 

~ Workshop Dates ~


~ Part One ~ 

Centre motif from the 3rd Joseph cupola, Basilica San Marco

Pictured below ~ Drawing by F.M.Hessemer 1735

13th and 14th April

London (GMT+1): 10:00 ~ 12:30

Sydney Australia (GMT +9): 19:00 ~ 20:30

~ Part Two ~

 Centre motif from the Moses cupola, Basilica San Marco 

Pictured below ~ Drawing by F.M.Hessemer 1735

22nd and 23rd June

London (GMT+1): 10:00 ~ 12:00

Sydney Australia (GMT +9): 19:00 ~ 20:30

Over the course of this two-part (four session) online course,

Clarissa and Stephanie will lead you through the construction and ornamentation

of two stunning 13th Century cupola mosaics from the Basilica San Marco in Venice.

Our inspiration and analysis is taken from stunning 19th Century plates depicting the two mosaics, illustrated by Auguste Racinet and F.M. Hessemer. 

During the two Saturday sessions, Clarissa will teach the construction

of the geometric framework of the compositions.

During the Sunday sessions, Stephanie will turn our attention to the ornate biomorphic elements that weave through the geometric frameworks.

We will draw one section of the design freehand before rotating it around the pattern

using tracing paper. Finally, there will be time to discuss some different ideas for rendering your mosaic drawings and bringing them to life.

~ Essential Materials ~

Two sheets of A2 paper for the final compositions

A few sheets of A3 paper (e.g. cartridge paper, sketchpad)

A drawing compass (and a second, smaller compass will be useful)

30cm/12inch ruler, or longer if you have one

A range of pencils, a sharpener and an eraser

Tracing paper (or baking parchment)


Colouring media: pens, pencils, paints

Heavier watercolour or mixed media paper (A2) if you wish to paint your final pattern.



Above ~Drawings by F.M.Hessemer 1735

Book References ~ Historic Designs And Patterns In Color ~ Hessemer
Full Colour Picture Sourcebook Of Historic Ornament ~ Racinet

A free download may be found online

Below are a selection of drawings 

by Clarissa Grandi (Geometry)

and Stephanie June Ellis (Ornament)

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