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Artist: Dilip Rama Bahotha

Ancient Tree Of Life Online Workshop

Inspired by the techniques of the Warli Tribe

~ The Tree of Life is a recurring motif in many arts, including in the folk arts of India.

They contain deep symbolism, being embodiments of celestial and vital energies.

The stylisations are many and specific to each craft.

As many trees are represented, from the real to the mythical, from the ashwattha to the kalpataru, the divine tree that grants wishes.

Some ancient Indian texts look at creation itself as a tree. But even without the complex layers of symbolism, it is always heartening to see this motif. The tree, whatever else it is, is a giver of life. A beautiful thing to be celebrated and give gratitude for.

~ Materials needed ~


A3 sketch pad

Coloured card of your choice or pre stained watercolour paper with earthy tones

(please prepare this before class)

Tracing paper

Drawing pencil - preferably 2B - 4B

White pen or Ink

Paintbrush ~ fine 00

Class cost $35 stream anytime


~ Artwork credits in order ~

1 ~ Tree of Life,Folk Art Warli Painting On Cotton FabricFolk Art of the Warli Tribe (Maharashtra) Artist: Dilip Rama Bahotha

2 ~ Light Brown Painting by Sanjay Parhad on Cloth, Lifestyle based on theme Sanjay Parhad

3 ~ Tree of Life,Warli Warli Painting On Cotton Fabric ~ Folk Art of the Warli Tribe (Maharashtra) Artist: Naresh S. Bhoye

 Painting by Sanjay Parhad
Artist: Naresh S. Bhoye
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