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Draw The Mandala Of Prambanan Temple

Saturday 06 July 2024

Online Class


10:00 ~ 13:30pm GMT London Time


The temples of Prambanan are known locally as Roro Jonggrang, 

coming from the legend of the ‘slender virgin’

The ground plan of Prambanan follows the Hindu system of Vastu Shastra,

which literally translates as "science of architecture" and is laid out according to a mandala,

or geometric pattern that represents a microcosm of the universe

Together we will draw and discuss the Vastu Shastra ,

Trimurti and 240 temples making Prambanan.


~ Materials Needed ~

A3 Cartridge or Watercolour paper for Vastu Shastra drawing

A2 Watercolour paper for Prambanan Temple Drawing 180 - 300gsm

A good working compass

30 - 40cm Ruler

Pencil 2H and 2B




This is a by donation class




~ You may also join us on a 3 day 4 night study trip in Yogyakarta 28 Sept ~ 02 Oct 2024



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