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Sacred Geometry Foundations  

Teacher Training Course & Development 

With Stephanie June Ellis

Bali, Indonesia 21st ~ 28th September 2024

~ 6 days 7 nights ~

36 hour Immersion on Mt Batukaru


Patterns In Nature

The Mythological And Symbolic

Architecture & Traditional Arts Around The World 


Developed from over 16 years of research on the road, this training is developed to guide the full breadth of drawing the foundations of Sacred Geometry, preparing you as a future practitioner with a comprehensive, accessible and clear system with ongoing mentorship. A theory and practical course open to beginners & experienced geometers.


Focussing on the swirling oneness of things expressed through archetypal forms. 

Stephanie will share her research around the world exploring 

The Circle, The Spiral, The Square, & The Triangle.  

This journey incorporates the transformative effects of Sacred Geometry into your everyday life and professional practice with no experience necessary. 

Practice, learn and train to develop your skills in a supportive and enriching environment.


Who is this for ?

~ Artists 

~ Hobbyists

~ Architects

~ Musicians

~ Teachers ~ Math ~ Science ~ Art ~ Philosophy ~ Physics ~ Dance

~ Homeschooled children age 10 and up

~ Psychologists

~ Anthropologists

~ Ecologists

~ Biologists

~ Physicians

Alternative Therapies 

~ Art Therapists

~ Sound Healing 

~ Reiki 

~ Yoga and Meditation Practitioners 

~ SE ( Somatic Experiencing) practitioners

And all those searching for Stillness, Equilibrium and Connection.

~ For class modules and course investment ~

Please email Stephanie for an information pack

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