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Edinburgh Dome Mandala.jpg

Ornate Glass Dome Mandala ~ Edinburgh


Rushing on route to the ticket booth, this beautiful ornate glass ceilings reflection tripped my feet up for what felt on purpose. I tilted my head north and immediately floated into a serene watery presence.


As always, pencil and paper in hand, my train journey back to London was entertained by this harmonious mandala.

The design explores 8 fold symmetry and offers plenty empty space for complimentary elements.

dome mandala.jpg
dome mandala 2.jpg
The Booking Hall.png

The Booking Hall, Waverley Station, Edinburgh Waverley Station lies beneath the wide span of the North Bridge. It was designed in 1868-74 by James Bell, chief engineer for the North British Railway, to replace an earlier station on the same site, and was extensively reconstructed 1892-1902. The booking hall formed part of the major reconstruction between 1892 and 1902.

It has a mosaic floor and an ornate roof, with its large dome and ceiling panels displaying fine wrought ironwork. The timber-panelled booking office was removed in 1970.

When Waverley Station opened, its 13-acre glass roof was one of the largest in the world, and its eastern signal box was one of the largest manual boxes ever constructed, with 260 signal levers in one continuous frame.


Source: RCAHMS

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