Drawing rituals ~ to connect to the divine

These classes celebrate traditional methods & tools 

 ~ a compass & ruler.

No skills required ~

all you need is your hands,  & a little patience

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Coursework will consist of 15 patterns over 12 months.

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Materials needed for all workshops



A3 Paper


2H & 2B pencil

Tracing Paper

Coloured pencils or medium of your choice

All tutorial purchases are available to download


Tutorial One

$35 ~ playback through this website

Six fold spherical pattern

This class explores the traditional 6 pointed star grid

~ adding curves to create a beautiful tessellated pattern.


Weave Trilogy ~ Mini Tutorial

$10 playback through this website

Part one extended

A harmonious triad of curvy weaved 6 pointed stars ~ Beginners welcome.


Tutorial Two

$35 ~ playback anytime through this website

Variation on a 6 fold pattern found on The Minbar of Saladin

An inspired variation of a traditional Islamic design from

The Minbar of Saladin ~ The original pattern uses the third layer of the flower of life whilst this variation uses the 2nd layer ( overlapping circles )

Class culminates with a freehand weave.


Tutorial Three

$35 ~ playback through this website

32 Petaled Ancient Mosaic


A stunning 32 petaled Ancient Mosaic pattern found at the Apollo Temple in Cornith, Greece ~ built around 560 BC ~

Tutorial Four

Free Trial

Ten weaving kites

Part two and three only available for

loyalty course members



Tutorial Five

Part One ~ explores the primary grid of squares

Part Two ~ explores colour & design




Tutorial Six

Tutorial Six comprises of two different designs exploring curvy 8 pointed stars with a main focus on weaving.

All levels are welcome.


Tutorial Seven

~ Concentric Concentration ~

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” Tao

Exploring the number 8 16 24 & 40 ~ using spiral grids & weaves

~ This class explores three designs.

Design one focuses on the interaction between 16 rotating circles

Design two focuses on 24 interacting circles ~

Design three focuses on 40 interacting circles.


Tutorial Eight

Working with 5 & 10 

~ Explore the pentagon and a dual star ~ 

Level ~ Intermediate 

You will need

~ Tracing paper ~

A2 paper for final design.

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