~ Moroccan Pattern Zouak Style Workshop  ~


This class is offered By Donation 

After you choose to donate Stephanie will send you a link with a password to access the recording anytime. If your email is different to your paypal

please let Stephanie know via


~ Class analysis ~

We will be recreating this beautiful twelve fold rosette painting found in Dar Seffarine, Fez and found all throughout Morocco. The unique style of painting featured is called Zouak ~  A Moroccan technique of wood painting.

 Instead of a wooded surface ~ this class will introduce the beautiful effect of 

Zouak style painting onto paper. 


Class will begin with a wonderfully insightful slide presentation exploring the traditional 

Moroccan crafts with Adam Williamson.

Stephanie will then guide you step-by-step through the process of 

constructing, weaving, tracing, transferring and painting 

* please note ~ you can opt for coloured pens/pencils instead of paint

~ Materials needed ~

Good working compass

A3 or A2 white drawing paper 

Pencil 2H and 2B

Tracing paper



Paints ~ medium of your choice

If you are painting ~ please use a fine tip paintbrushes

Coloured pencils or pens if you do not have paint

Questions regarding this class please email draw.with.the.art.of.process@gmail.com


~ About your guest lecturer ~

Adam Williamson is an award-winning calligrapher and sculptor who has undertaken a long list of prestigious commissions and exhibited internationally.

A skilled calligrapher, geometer and stone/wood carver, Adam is drawn to particular shapes and patterns that can tessellate into perfectly balanced structures. His work embodies universal principals found in nature through hands-on craftsmanship. Having grown up in a family of artisans, Adam has travelled the globe to work with artists from diverse backgrounds in places such as

Mount Athos in Greece, Granada in Spain,Fez in Morocco and Istanbul in Turkey.