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Launching ~ Patterns On The Road

A collaboration between two nomadic artists and their love affair with sacred pattern.

~ Introducing ~

Moorish Patterns from Al-Andulas


A journey through Seville, Cordoba on route to Granada.


Travel with us to the source and draw patterns at the feet of the ancient masters. 

We will be broadcasting live drawing classes from the most important moorish monuments in Andalusia, Spain. the Alhambra Palace Granada, Alcazba Sevilla and Mesquita Cordoba.

These 5 classes are offered as a package by donation through the link below ~


~ Materials needed for classes ~

Good working compass

Drawing pencils ~ array of H and B

A3 or A2 paper 

Tracing paper



Coloured pencils *optional

..... and a smile

Dado ceramic pattern .jpg

Alcázar Palace Seville

Fold this stunning dado ceramic pattern that adorns the sublime Patio de las Doncellas (Patio of the Maidens)  the heart of the Alcázar palace. With its beautiful arches, plasterwork and glazed tiles it is the epitome of Mudéjar style and its sunken garden is the most pure surviving Islamic-style paradise garden at the Alcázar




Weaving Horseshoe arches and biomorphic spandrels 

Mezquita, Córdoba


Sit with us on the Umayyad ramparts and draw the majestic moorish horseshoe from the facade of the Mezquita in Córdoba.

We will focus on the Moorish arches from the 8th Century Mezquita of Córdoba , which in the height of Al-Andalus was the largest city in Europe and the leading cultural and economic centre of the Islamic world.


capital 1.tiff

Alhambra Palace, Granada

Biomorphic Stucco and marble capitals of

The Palace Of Lions, Alhambra

The Nasrid Palaces are overflowing with interlacing carved stucco patterns, we will draw motifs and learn about the unique language used the pattern constructions and flow.


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