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A beginners guide to the therapeutic nature of geometry
~ Limited First Edition Paperback ~ back in stock 

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A beginners guide to the Art & therapeutic nature of Geometry.

Simplified into three parts, this book explores the number SIX -
The first chapter introduces star motifs,  used thereafter throughout each pattern.
The second chapter exhibits foundations and construction lines.
And third chapter reveals a selection of patterns.
Each pattern will refer back to the repeated star motif and its foundation, making it easy for you to understand the process of creation.

Keep in mind that every step is essential for the next.


Understanding these geometric principles and their properties allows one to feel the harmony and geometric dance of universal patterns.
Practice patience, take time to study the science of this art form.

Let the beauty and truth guide your mind and things will begin to naturally flow.

This book is handwritten and illustrated in respect and joy of the artistic process.

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