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~ First Stop ~

Alcázar Palace Seville

This Palace is an illustrious example of

Mudejar style in the Iberian Peninsula and also combines Romanesque, gothic and Renaissance structural elements. 

Folding - Alcázar Palace Seville - Al-Andalus

Folding - Alcázar Palace Seville - Al-Andalus

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Alicatado, 6 & 8 fold geometric paper folding

~ Alcázar Palace Seville ~

​Fold this stunning dado ceramic pattern that adorns the sublime Patio de las Doncellas (Patio of the Maidens)  the heart of the Alcázar palace. With its beautiful arches, plasterwork and glazed tiles it is the epitome of Mudéjar style and its sunken garden is the most pure surviving Islamic-style paradise garden at the Alcázar

All you need is A3 paper and a pencil


If you missed the live IGTV, you can now catch up on class. 

 Explore a swirly triple freehand vine inspired by a 13th century Biomorphic pattern taught from the Jardins

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