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Explore the underlying geometry in nature through reoccurring patterns & rhythms in nature, ancient architecture and sacred rituals around the world. No skills required. 

Day One Saturday May 21st

10am - 1pm
Mandala Meditation

Art making for the purpose of transcendence, mindfulness, and wellness.
Traditionally, the mandala is used as a meditation tool to search for the meaning of self.
This often requires a study of this diagram which we may call the "personality" - the part of ourselves which bares witness to our vast invisible potential.

Creating your own personal mandala is therapeutic, symbolic & a beautiful refelction of ones own soul. Present emotions will be represented in your mandala through the use of organically formed shapes & colour. By allowing your instinct and feelings to inspire & guide you through the process of creation, a portrait of yourself will emerge. 
When you reach your destination, you will have a representation of something meaningful and personal that you can take home with you -​ A snapshot of you - a brief moment in time expressed through your unique personal mandala


Torus Mosaic Mandala
Petals Of Jericho

2pm - 5:30pm

Draw the stunning Umayyad torus khirbat-mosaic patterns from 
Hisham’s palace in Jericho, Palestine.
The mosaic floor in the Great Bath 825m²,which is the largest in the Middle East. Jericho in Palestine is said to be one of the world’s oldest cities, and is home to the site of Hisham’s Palace, a cultural property representative of early Islamic architecture. Hisham’s Palace was constructed in the 8th century as the Winter Palace for the Umayyad Caliph. Analysed by Stephanie June Ellis during lockdown in honour of the Free Palestine protests.
If you cannot attend this class in person, one can buy the recorded class and practice at home

Day Two Sunday May 22nd

10am - 1pm
Intro to Sacred Geometry 
Foundations ~ Practical & Theory
Explore The Platonic Solids, Golden Spiral and symbology around the world. 

2pm - 5:30pm
Edinburgh Dome Mandala
Waverley Train Station Pattern Analysis

Explore the ornate glass dome ceiling from the famous Waverley Train Station in the centre of Edinburgh. 
The design explores 8 fold symmetry and offers plenty empty space for complimentary elements.


Full course investment ~
£130 saves £15

All classes can be taken solo 
£36 or bring a friend and save £10

Please bring an A3 sketch pad with you
All other materials are provided. 
Course is open to all levels of experience.