Sacred Geometry Day Course

Sunday 23rd January
All materials are provided ~ No skills required
Classes can be taken as a full day course or individually
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Class starts with an in depth slide presentation discussing geometry in nature, symbology and the planetary movements. Drawings will focus on the platonic solids theorised upon Plato, Leonardo Divinci and Joseph Kepler.

These three dimensional figures, their platonic combinations reveal to us every possible geometric law forming the physical reality we experience and its tangible nature. 

Geometry occurs in the art and crafts of cultures throughout human history, directly inspired from within the rhythms and structures of life itself. Its principles are beyond time and place.

In this workshop participants will be investigating mathematical principles of symmetry and tessellation as exhibited in the world of nature. These universal principles govern growth and structure and are found in both crystalline and botanical nature.


Geometry of Structure

Using paper and bamboo we will make an array of models and 3-dimensional static and kinetic structures.

We will Fold complex geometric patterns with ease and then use these as a basis to build an artwork reminiscent of the famous domed muqarnas doomed ceilings.

We will build the Platonic Solids and examine the key family of natural proportions, including the Golden Section, that underlie Sacred Architecture from across the world.

We will explore how surface patterns can be incorporated into 3-dimensional forms and go on to explore larger geodesic (dome) structures

In this course we will explore 3-dimensional geometry and its connection to patterns from a range of world traditions.

Everyone will home their own handmade sculpture.