Retreat Timetable & Coursework

All of Stephanies retreats differ in style and approach.

In light of the pandemic ~ this weekend is purely focused on releasing stress

In turn ~ this will be an alcohol, meat, computer & phone free retreat ~


Friday 24th

~ Arrivals ~


Meet & Greet
Explore the property
Room allocations~ get cozy

~ Journaling ~

7:00pm ~ Dinner


Saturday 25th

This is a day of mindfulness , focusing on healing through mandalas.

6:30 am Morning Meditation ~ Nadi Shodhana Breathing 30 mins

~ Journaling ~

Breakfast 8:30am

10:00 am
Morning theory ~

A presentation & discussion on Mandalas

This will be a deeper dive into the philosophy, symbolism and traditional art of Mandalas

focusing on Tantra Art and the South Indian tradition of Kolam.


Mandala Meditation using Kolam design techniques. 

Lunch 1:30pm


~ Afternoon Workshops using the compass and ruler ~

Learn how to draw an array of complex mandala constructions using the numbers 6, 8 and 5.

Brand new ~ never been taught patterns 

Dinner 6:45pm


Before bed ~ please journal


Sunday 26th 

A full day exploring Cyanotype Blueprinting ~

beautiful play of light and shadow. 

You will take home two pieces of your own unique artwork


 Originating in the 1840s ~ Cyanotype is a photographic printmaking process widely known as the term "blueprint" which was mostly used for large architectural & mechanical drawing reproduction.

Blueprints are created using equal ratios of Potassium ferricyanide and Ferric ammonium citrate(green) and a photographic negative or film positive placed onto a UV (ultra violet) light-sensitive sheet of paper. Areas where light does not hit sensitized material remains white.

Instead of utilizing photographs

~ Stephanie favors a much longer method in achieving her unique blueprints.

Before cutting and placing onto the prepared surface , Steph draws her designs onto translucent paper. Once the sun works her magic and the paper left to dry ~ Stephanie takes a white ink pen and adds a little more ornamentation, making each cyanotype a truly original artwork.

This is the exact method everyone will learn in this 5 hour workshop.

Every student will walk away with two unique artworks to frame for your home. 
Size A4 and A3

Includes all art materials.


Monday 27th

6:30 am Morning Meditation ~ Nadi Shodhana Breathing 30 mins

~ Journaling ~

Breakfast 8:30am

Fire Ceremony 



~ Hugs & depart ~