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Mastering The Art Of Six ~ Drawing Geometric Patterns

Mastering The Art Of Six ~ Drawing Geometric Patterns

Learn how to draw 22 geometric patterns by dividing a circle into 6 using traditional tools, a compass and straight edge.


Drawing geometric patterns offer a unique portal into understanding 

our relationship with nature, the cosmos, human creativity and potential. 

One experiences equilibrium; as soon as you enter the circle and divide its circumference naturally into six equal parts. 


This book includes over 200 illustrations exploring that perfect number.



Buy Two books and receive a $10 discount ~ Use coupon code ~ supportingartists


Price includes postage in Australia. 


If you live in the UK, America, Canada or Europe - please order from my distributer based in the UK


If you live in another location please contact me personally 



A geometry book consciously designed to encourage contemplation.

Encouraging you to make mistakes, retrace your steps,

practice patience & breathe. 


All books are sustainably gift wrapped. 

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