• Elements

    Cyanotype on Archers France heavily textured Paper with torn edges

    Measurement Size A1

    As part of the Mandala Collection 2020

    Artist ~ Stephanie June Ellis


    All handmade Cyanotype Blueprints are unique ~

    Stephanie adds a little more love to each work by adding ink embellishments ~ making each piece an original artwork.


    Signed & dated by the artist.


    • Returns & Care

      Strictly no returns

      This drawing will be sustainably & securely packed.

      Please wash your hands before touching and framing your artwork.

      Do not store in direct light ~ Cyanotypes can fade over time ~ If this occurs place in a darkroom & watch as your blueprint recharges

      $10 standard postage Australia wide

      Worldwide shipping is available ~ Please contact Stephanie for shipping cost

    © Stephanie June Ellis  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED