Geometry of A Snowflake

Understand the beautiful visual language of a snowflake.

Snowflakes naturally gather in 6 fold *hexagonal patterns
In this workshop, together we will draw a variety of motifs using geometric structures > an invisible blueprint, the fundamental building blocks to a mystical natural order, deserving undeniable respect.

Lets gather together and bridge both sides of the brain in a drawing class that requires no art skills > by using simple tools >> a compass and ruler



This class is perfect for beginners and students looking to further their knowledge in geometry & complex patterns.



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What is Geometry?

Geometry helps understanding of spatial relationships. and offers a clear perception of space and position through studying the size and shape of everything in the world.
Geometry allows people to think in shapes and sizes. Knowing about different shapes and their sizes allows the mind to visualize new things by building with the learned shapes. It can aid in bringing together both sides of the brain. The left side of the brain is the logic-driven, technical side, while the right side is the creative and artistic side. Most people have a dominant right brain or left brain. Geometry can help combine both to create a perfect symmetry between the two sides.