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Sacred Geometry Drawing Course

Experience geometry as a universal language and a meditative and contemplative practice. Throughout this weekend course, students will explore recurring patterns in nature
through geometry in Sacred & Traditional Art around the world
using trad
itional tools, a compass and a straight edge.


~ Narooma, Surf Club ~ 

Weekend 6 7 Jan

 Day One 

Intro To Sacred Geometry

The Platonic Solids 

The Spiral ~ Myth and The Natural World

The Lute Of Pythagoras (Fractals)

It is recommended (but not required) that all beginner students complete

the introduction workshop before moving onto day two.

Morning class 10am - 1pm

This class is a practical and theory-based Introduction to Geometry

and Sacred Art around the world exploring our relationship with nature,

the cosmos, human creativity and potential.

Together we will draw upon Archetypal Forms.
The Circle, Spiral, Triangle and Square

channelling their mystical qualities and profound nature.

We will discuss geometry in symbology and the planetary movements, the platonic solids theorised upon by Plato, Leonardo Divinci and Joseph Kepler and examine the key family of natural proportions. 

Afternoon class 2pm - 4:00pm 

~ The Lute Of Pythagoras ~
Explores the world of fractals though a self-similar geometric pattern made from a sequence of diminishing pentagrams.

Together we will contemplate the rise of the famous golden proportion

and how the number five appears in nature time and time again.

Investment ~ $140


Day Two 

The Hidden Geometry Of The Ocean

Sharing Wonder, Pattern, Form and Function 

Explore the Fractal World of Order & Chaos and the importance of timeless 

forms and patterns in nature, deepening ones connection 

to the wonder and importance of the ocean. 

Stephanie will draw upon the geometric patterns of microscopic Diatoms, 

Seashell spirals, Corals, Turtle Shells and the four fold nature of Jellyfish

complimented by discussions on Archetypal forms,

Symmetryand Natures efficiency and ability to self correct and harmonise. 

Investment ~ $150


Full course Investment ~ $270 save $20

Very limited numbers are available ~ please book ahead



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