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Sacred Geometry Drawing Course

Experience geometry as a universal language and a meditative and contemplative practice. Throughout this weekend course, students will explore recurring patterns in nature
through geometry in Sacred & Traditional Art around the world
using trad
itional tools, a compass and a straight edge.

Maleny Community Centre

~ February 2024 ~


 17th ~ 18th

10:00am - 4:30pm 


Full Course $260 save $20

Day Pass ~ $140

Limited spots are available and class is already half full. Thankyou ~ 

Includes specialist materials and equipment 
A selection of online tuto
rials for home practice
Please bring along an A3 sketch pad
If you have your own good working compa
ss ~ please bring this along

 Day One ~ Saturday 17th Feb 2024

Intro To Sacred Geometry


It is recommended but not required that all beginner students complete

the introduction workshop before moving onto the following sessions.

Morning class 10am - 1pm

This class is a practical and theory-based Introduction to Geometry and Sacred Art around the world exploring our relationship with nature, the cosmos, human creativity and potential. Together we will draw upon Archetypal Forms.

The Circle, Spiral, Triangle and Square channelling their mystical qualities and profound nature.
We will discuss geometry in symbology and the planetary movements, the platonic solids theorised upon by Plato, Leonardo Divinci and Joseph Kepler and examine the key family of natural proportions.

Afternoon class 2pm - 4:30pm

~ The Lute Of Pythagoras ~
Explores the world of fractals though a self-similar geometric pattern made from a sequence of diminishing pentagrams. Together we will contemplate the rise of the famous golden proportion and how the number five appears in nature time and time again.


Day Two ~ Sunday 18th Feb 2024

Patterns In Architecture

Morning Class ~ 10am ~ 1pm

Drawing the Labyrinth Mosaic Of Pathos also know as The Theseaus Labyrinth

Students will take a trip to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, on the island of Cyprus to admire and draw upon Mosaics at The House of Theseus, Kato Pathos.

Afternoon Class 2pm ~ 4:30pm

Ornate Ceilings Of The Humayun Tomb Complex, Delhi

~ A Journey Around The Age of Discovery ~

This class focuses on how drawing repetitive shapes can be used as a meditative and contemplative tool. We will focus on patience, breathe and awareness through the drawing process.
The pattern will be inspired by elements of Ornate Ceilings found in The 16th Century Human Tomb Complex in Delhi, India.




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