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Retreat Timetable & Coursework

Stephanie will provide a good working compass

for you to use during your drawing journey.


Friday 16th

~ Arrivals ~

2pm Meet & Greet
Explore the retreat centre

Room allocations

~ Welcome afternoon Tea 3:00pm ~

4:00 - 6:00pm
Mandalas of the World Presentation

Mandala Drawing Meditation

6:45pm ~ Dinner

Example of student mandalas


Saturday 17th

7am Morning Meditation ~Nadi Shodhana Breathing 30 mins

Breakfast 8:30am

10:00 am
Morning presentation & discussion on Sacred Geometry

Theory ~ Thoughts ~ Inspiration.


First workshop


Explore the relationship between

mercury & venus orbits and a church window.

Morning Tea will be served throughout.


Afternoon class

Explore the eight spoke dharma wheel 

~ An early Indian solar symbol of sovereignty, protection and creation. ~

Dinner 6:45pm

Evening workshop ~ work on mandalas


Sunday 18th
Morning Meditation ~Nadi Shodhana Breathing

Breakfast 8:30am

10am - 5:30

Lunch Break ~1:30 - 2:30
A full day exploring the pentagon and the golden mean in nature.

This day focuses on the stunning geometry of plantlife.

Think pinecones and flowers and the logarithmic spirals of seashells.


Dinner 6:45pm
Drinks BYO


Monday 19th


7am ~ Morning Meditation ~ Nadi Shodhana Breathing 30 minutes


Morning Permaculture Workshop

in the onsite Wellness Garden with Dan

10am - 11:0am

Meet Dan ~


Fire ceremony

Celebratory  Lunch 1:30pm

~ Depart ~