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Welcome to your

Drawing rituals

All pattern constructions and analysis by Stephanie June Ellis

Materials needed for all workshops



A3 Paper


2H & 2B pencil

Tracing Paper

Coloured pencils or medium of your choice

Please visit Resources for a full list of materials Stephanie enjoys using.


Tutorial One


6 fold spherical pattern

plus bonus tutorial ~ A weave trilogy.


Explore curvy six pointed stars to create a spherical pattern tessellated design ~ culminating with a weave trilogy.

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 3.50.38 pm.png


Tutorial Two

Variation on a 6 fold pattern found on The Minbar of Saladin

An inspired variation of a traditional Islamic design from

The Minbar of Saladin ~ The original pattern uses the third layer of the flower of life whilst this variation uses the 2nd layer ( overlapping circles ) Class culminates with a free hand weave illustration.

Tutorial 2.jpg


Tutorial Three

A stunning 32 petaled Ancient Mosaic pattern found at the Apollo Temple in Cornith, Greece ~ built around 560 BC ~





Tutorial Four

Triple Weave Motif

~ A little trickier ~

This tutorial is divided up into three parts.

The design is comprised of three starry weaved motifs which are combined and weaved throughout the whole design.

Part One explores the outer 10 pointed straight edged star.

Part Two explores the inner curves of a 10 pointed curved star.

Part Three explores the outer 10 pointed curved star.

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 8.38.03 am.png





Tutorial Five

Part One ~ A trilogy of starry eights

Part Two ~ Trace, transfer & colour

including tips on paper and watercolour



Tutorial Six

Explores two designs using a curvy weaved 8 pointed star.

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