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~ Learn the art of Cyanotype Printing ~

Originating in the 1840s ~ Cyanotype is a photographic printmaking process widely known as the term "blueprint" which was mostly used for large architectural & mechanical drawing reproduction.

Blueprints are created using equal ratios of Potassium ferricyanide and Ferric ammonium citrate(green) and a photographic negative or film positive placed onto a UV (ultra violet) light-sensitive sheet of paper. Areas where light does not hit sensitized material remains white.

Instead of utilising photographs , Stephanie favours a much more involved method in achieving her unique blueprints.

Before cutting and placing onto the prepared surface ,

Steph draws her designs onto translucent paper.

Once the sun works her magic and the paper left to dry

~ Stephanie takes a white ink pen and adds a little more ornamentation, making each cyanotype a truly original artwork.

This is the exact method everyone explores in Stephs workshops

In a 2 day immersion ~ every student will walk away with four unique artworks

to frame for your home.


Designs will incorporate geometric (day one) and biomorphic elements (day two)

Upcoming Workshops ~ TBC