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Sacred Geometry Drawing Course

Experience geometry as a universal language and a meditative and contemplative practice. Throughout this weekend course, students will explore recurring patterns in nature
through geometry in Sacred & Traditional Art around the world
using trad
itional tools, a compass and a straight edge.


~ Currumbin, Gecko Environment Hall ~ 

Part One ~ Weekend 20 21 January

Part Two ~ Weekend 24 25 February

 Day One Sat 20th Jan

Intro To Sacred Geometry

The Platonic Solids 

The Spiral ~ Myth and The Natural World

The Lute Of Pythagoras (Fractals)

It is recommended (but not required) that all beginner students complete

the introduction workshop before moving onto day two.


Day Two ~ Sun 21st Jan

Patterns In Architecture

Labyrinth Mosaic Of Pathos

Ceiling Of  Humayun Tomb Complex, Delhi


Day Three ~ Sat 24th Feb

The Spiral ~ Myth and The Natural Word

The Triskelion, Mushroom Vortex and Polygon Spirals



Day Four ~ Sun 25th Feb

(Spirals continued)

Golden Spirals In The Plant World


Phyllotactic Spirals, exploring Succulents and The Proteaceae family 

of flowering plants found in the Southern Hemisphere.

We will specifically focus on the Fibonacci numbers 13 and 21 

found wiring within the Banksia and Protea flower. 



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