Online Workshops

These workshops are recorded zoom classes that were available for donation during the covid crisis


All classes are now available to view for anyone across the globe

Please use the paypal link under each workshop.

Stephanie will then email a link to view the class.

Suggested donations

$20 $25 $30

Please note ~ I am not accepting $0 payments

If you would like free workshops ~ please visit my you tube channel

~ Materials needed for all workshops ~

A3 paper of your choice

Tracing paper / baking paper for a cheaper option
Colours ~ medium ~ up to you

Classes run for 2.5 hours



Abstract Botanical Motifs

In this workshop we will explore a variety of flora motifs

using simple principles.

I will guide you through free hand circles, spirals & peripheral lines evoking swirling foliage decorative motifs.

Soft pencils 2B and up, prisma or pastels are required for fluid movement.

The class will culminate with a watercolour and pen and ink demonstration.




Biomorphs / Curves & Composition

Radial mandala analysis ~ see pictured abov

Derived from the greek word 'Bios' meaning LIFE & 'Morphe' meaning FORM - Biomorphic art portrays vegetal, organic forms found in nature - from plants to the human form.

In this workshop we will create one of my very own Persian inspired patterns using encircled and peripheral lines to create aesthetic harmony and illustrate evolutionary concepts.

If you'd like to find more flow and harmony ~ Then this class is for you




Ceiling in Fez

Square Repeat Pattern

Pattern analysis ~ see pictured above

A little variation on the most common pattern in Traditional Islamic Art coined the Breathe of Compassionate.


A repeat square pattern using the 8 pointed star ~  it consists of overlayed squares at a 45 degree angle. Compassionate resembles infinity therefore; Islamic designs tend to be repetitive.

The double overlapping Islamic square pattern adds two fours together, bringing 8 to life ~ which is directly related to the perfect octave in music.  The eight-pointed star is commonly referred to as the ‘Khatam al-Sulayman’ (Seal of the Solomon)

When this star is tessellated it is then known as the ‘Breath of the Compassionate’ - Keith Critchlow.


page one.jpg


The Art of Drawing Weaves

 analysis ~ see pictured above

Learn to weave a graceful 12 pointed star ~ those who have my Geometherapy Book will know that this symbol appears on the first page.


The innate power of 12 is linked to the harmony of the tides, and the female cycle of fertility fit into the lunar months.

  Think of the zodiacs ~ a heavenly circle neatly divided into twelve segments ~ each allocated 30 degrees.

12 also correlates to the Buddhist concept of dependent organization, called nidanas ~ the wheel of life


Shadowing is crucial in creating the depth of a weave  ~ so the class will culminate with a watercolour demonstration.