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Sacred Geometry Drawing Workshop 

~ Gothic Revival At Bodalla Anglican Church ~

Saturday 23rd March
1000 ~ 1600

A practical and theory-based Introduction to Geometry & Sacred Art

exploring our relationship with nature, the cosmos, human creativity & potential.

Students will draw upon the Geometric construction

of the main Rose and Biomorphic Ornamental Motifs

of the Front Facade of The Bodalla Anglican Gothic Revival Church. 

Gothic Revival Architecture, a style also referred to as Victorian Gothic, 

( neo-Gothic, or Gothic ) which began in the late 1840s in England. 

The movement gained momentum and expanded in the first half of the 19th century 

and draws upon features of medieval examples, including decorative patterns, 

finials, lancet windows, and hood moulds. 


Why Geometry?

Drawing geometric patterns offer a unique portal into understanding our imperishable relationship with nature, the cosmos, human creativity and potential.

We have an intrinsic understanding and affiliation to symmetry and pattern. 

By opening my mind’s eye to the profound sensitivities of Sacred Art and Architecture

around the world, one may peace in search of divine life. 

What is Biomorphic Art ?

Derived from the greek word 'Bios' meaning LIFE & 'Morphe' meaning form

Biomorphic art portrays vegetal, organic forms found in nature

 from plants to the human form.
In this workshop we will explore common Leaf patterns

found using encircled and peripheral lines to create aesthetic harmony

and illustrate evolutionary concepts.



Open to the novice and experienced

The workshop includes

A Labyrinth Meditation Walk

A conversation on the Church history by Reverend Timothy Narraway

A selection of online tutorial and handouts for home practice

Includes specialist materials and equipment to use on the day
If you have your own good working compass ~ please bring this along


~ Investment ~

Single ticket ~ $140

Bring a friend ~ $125 pp



A selection of student work
from previous Rose Window Classes 

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