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~ The Tree Of Life ~

MARCH 2024

~ Bellingen, The Stables ~ 

Weekend 2nd 3rd March

The Tree of Life is a recurring motif in many arts and contain deep symbolism, being embodiments of celestial and vital energies. The Celts believed trees were their ancestors, the gatekeepers to the Otherworld. The Persian layered symmetrical Meditation Tree alludes to the stages of Sufism. Through the practice of meditative remembrance (dhikr) the Sufi experiences Divine Love

and basks in the shade of the Tree of Life. 

 In India, the stylisations are many and specific to each craft. As many trees are represented,

from the real to the mythical, from the ashwattha to the kalpataru,
the divine tree that grants wishes. 
Some ancient Indian texts look at creation itself as a tree.

But even without the complex layers of symbolism, it is always heartening to see this motif.
The tree, whatever else it is, is a giver of life. 
A beautiful thing to be celebrated and give gratitude for.


In this weekend workshop, Artist Stephanie June Ellis will gently guide you through sacred trees from around the world including The Bodhi Tree, The Meditation Tree

and The Fiddle Box Tree , known in Australia as The Directions Tree. 

You will learn an array of simple yet effective techniques to create your very own Tree Of Life.

Biomorphic and geometric drawing techniques
Painting Techniques ( Ink and Gouache Stroke work )
Abstract botanical motifs


Investment ~ $240
~ Includes all materials ~

No skills required 
Bookings are essential 



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